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Available Services

We are happy to offer a variety of services to best serve you and your family.

To ensure that we will make a good team together, all new clients start off with a free 30 minute consultation. From there, we have 2 routes of care.

Our main services fall into an 'a la carte' style - services that can be utilized as needed and desired. With the guidance of our lead clinician, we are happy to enable you to choose which services, in one-hour blocks, work best for you, your time, and your goals.

We encourage families to consider our packaged offerings as well. These are pre-defined combinations of services crafted by our chief clinical officer that help our team and yours align on a specific strategy. In addition to the dedicated timeline and strategy, the services included are provided at a discounted rate.

We do not accept insurance, however we are happy to supply a documentation (i.e. a superbill) to assist with self-led reimbursement from your insurance, if applicable.


Initial Consultation 

Free | 30 min

A free, 30-minute introductory call for us to get to know you, and more importantly for you to get to know us. We want to make sure we’re a fit for you and your family! We will review you and your families general needs and go over, in more detail, the services and packages Paired has to offer. This session is required for all new clients prior to receiving any other services.

Caregiver Coaching

A 50-minute session between your dedicated clinician and the involved caregivers/parents. We will teach behavior analytic principles to help you understand and manage your child's behaviors. We will focus on creating positive behavior change through a behavior analytic lens and be thought partners is supporting your child. This service is specific to caregivers that want to learn and put in the work. 

Direct Therapy

A 50-minute session between your dedicated clinician and your child. The session will focus in on pre-defined behavior goals and skill acquisition for your child. Detailed clinical notes with behavior data will be taken during these sessions to help chart progress over time. There may also be opportunities in this session to teach you skills that can be done outside of therapy.

PackageD Offerings

Get in touch!

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