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At Paired we strive to partner with you as the caregiver to provide the services that you need. On this page you can find potential scenarios and how we may work within those situations. It is important to us that you feel empowered through this process and we always want to work together to design services to best fit you. Please do note that these are not restricted scenarios; you are not limited to these flows of service.

Scenario #1

A caregiver wants to understand their child's disruptive behaviors (ex. tantrums) and develop a deeper knowledge of how to effectively address them in everyday life. We will partner with the caregiver to ensure they have reserach-based tools for effective behavior management. 

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Scenario #2

A caregiver has a child with moderate to severe behaviors (ex. physical aggression). We will conduct a functional behavior assessment (FBA), which is a research-based assessment that identifies the function(s) of behaviors to later replace them with socially appropriate behaviors that cover the same function. After the assessment, ongoing parent coaching or direct therapy is recommended to work on identified replacement behaviors.

Sr+ Diagrams - Scenario 2

Scenario #3

A caregiver would like to focus on developmental milestones or daily functioning skills for their child. We will begin our services with an assessment to evaluate current functioning and skillsets. Through our behavior therapy package, we would then continue working with both the caregiver and child weekly to address identified skills and goals.

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